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In this Jan. 12, 2017 photo, Attorney General Loretta Lynch poses for a portrait during an interview with The Associated Press at the University of Baltimore School of Law in Baltimore. Photo: Patrick Semansky, AP / Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Lynch said her biggest disappointment is that Congress failed to pass legislation to overhaul how criminals are sentenced despite seeming bipartisan support for it. Read Full Article “It would have helped people rebuild their lives, it would have unclogged the criminal justice system and allowed us to devote our resources to those people who truly deserve long terms of incarceration,” Lynch said. Lynch won praise from civil liberties advocates for suing North Carolina over a bill the Justice Department said discriminated against transgender individuals, and for an emotional speech linking the prejudice there to bias against blacks in the Jim Crow era. She attracted global attention early in her tenure for the corruption prosecution of high-level officials at FIFA , international soccer’s governing body. That criminal case jolted the world’s most popular sport and burst into view with early morning arrests at a hotel in Europe. “When you have an organization that has so much power, so many resources yes, they have to run a sport, but they also have a responsibility to that sport. And to have them just abdicate that responsibility for personal gain to me was, and is, particularly galling,” Lynch said. look at this siteHer tenure is also shadowed by the Hillary Clinton email investigation. She has expressed regret that an unscheduled meeting in Phoenix with Bill Clinton caused the public to doubt the independence of the investigation. She announced after the encounter that she would accept the recommendations of the FBI.

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